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A global community of men training together to develop sexual integrity & healthy intimacy.

BraveHearts BaseCamp

What is BraveHearts BaseCamp?

BaseCamp is a community, not a program

Based on decades of my own recovery experience and 16 years spent helping others in full-time sexual addiction recovery ministry, I've learned that what men who struggle really need isn't another recovery program or weekend intensive promising a quick fix. 

You need connection with other, like-hearted men who are on a similar journey of their own. Men who face the same kinds of struggles that you do. Men who understand better than most what you really need. Because they're living it, too. 

You don't need another program, you need an army of brave hearts; like-hearted freedom-fighters you can count on. 

Safe, supportive, understanding, encouraging, like-hearted men willing to fight the good fight with you every day, standing alongside you. 

From our trained community leaders to our rank-and-file members, our deeply shared interest and common goal is to experience freedom from sexual sin and sexual addiction so we can live free as men of sexual integrity.

You need team of like-hearted men

You need an army of men you can count on. You need your own band of brothers, and to be one for someone who needs the same in their life.

In order to achieve this shared goal of freedom from sexual sin, we provide a variety of tools and resources both online and off. 

BaseCamp Membership includes:

  1. Private Online Community - Mighty Men is a safe place where you can learn, connect, and share your deep interests with others like you.
  2. Sound Advice - Looking for guidance and counsel that's current, relevant, and biblically-based? BaseCamp founder Michael Leahy, a widely recognized subject matter expert, curates all published content.  
  3. Monthly Q&A's with Michael - Every month, Michael hosts a video-based, live Q&A for the entire community. Get answers to your burning questions real time from our in-house expert and his peers.

Premium Services (additional fees apply):

  1. Michael's Redemptive Life Group - Spend an hour with Michael and his inner circle of men in his weekly group mentoring sessions ($97/mo.).
  2. Michael's 1-on-1 Mentoring - Spend an hour a week by phone or by video being mentored privately by Michael (Call for pricing).

Want to be free? Join BaseCamp now!

So if you struggle with sexual temptation and sexual sin, this community is for you. Whether it's on an infrequent basis, or it's become a compulsive, addictive habit like I once struggled with, you'll find the tools and resources and support you need to live in freedom every day.

I invite you to join me in BraveHearts BaseCamp today. The cost to join this members only private community is only $6.99/mo. Test drive the community for the first 3 days for FREE. Then start and stop at any time. 

What are you waiting for? 

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